Smart Building

The functional interplay of the different technologies in the Rooftop Building was achieved with the help of the open source platform openHAB. Within this framework, different scenarios for a rule-based building automation system can be defined, examined experimentally, and flexibly adapted.

Building automation of the Rooftop building on the basis of openHAB (source: UdK Berlin)

openHAB supports the parallel integration of different bus systems (e.g. the Modbus and the serial bus in the Rooftop Building) and devices over so-called "bindings". In this way, all of the technical components are represented as software components on an abstract level. The higher-level functions for the Smart Building are determined by algorithmically defined rules between these components.

Application example: the CO2-level measured inside the room exceeds a critical value due to a high room occupancy. As a result, the color of the room lighting changes from white to red to let the occupants know that the ventilation needs to be adjusted.

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